Local Retailer Brings WaterRowers to the Central Maine Area.

Buy a WaterRower in Maine

Burn Up to 1000 Calories/Hour & Work Up to 84% of Your Muscle Mass While Rowing In The Comfort of Your Own Home!

Call 207-245-1999 for Free Delivery and Set-Up of your new WaterRower in Central Maine (or) Up To $70 OFF for Cash & Carry. Come & Try or Buy One Today!


More than any other exercise, rowing recruits all major muscle groups.
By maximizing the muscle mass contributing to the exercise, the WaterRower is unmatched in benefit received for the time you put in.


Rowing can burn more than 1000 calories per hour AND it does so with a far lower perceived level of exertion than other aerobic exercises.
Other exercises, recruit fewer muscles & require far higher intensities of exercise to achieve the same caloric burn.

Rowing moves the joints through a full range of motion and does so with minimal impact and no body weight on the joints making it one of the best exercises for joint pain sufferers.

Rowing is suitable for everyone, young or old, male or female, big or small, fit or unfit .

So if you are looking for a fun, effective, efficient, & low impact way to get or stay fit come in to Mathieu’s today and try a WaterRower.