G-Force Adventures, at 17 Marketplace Drive, seen on Thursday night. Kennebec Journal photo by Sam Shepherd

Burglar steals $4,000 from safe after breaking into Augusta arcade

in Augusta/West Side

An owner of G-Force Adventures said the culprit could be a current or former employee.

AUGUSTA — An owner of G-Force Adventures said a current or former employee may be involved in a burglary that resulted in $4,000 being stolen from a safe on Sunday night.

Co-owner Brian Plavnick said he discovered the break-in Monday morning when he reported to work.

Police are currently investigating the incident. Augusta Police Sgt. Christopher Shaw said the robbery was reported at 9:42 a.m. on Monday. He added that the rear door of the Marketplace Drive business showed evidence of being forced open.

Plavnick said Augusta police have been great to work with and have gathered a lot of evidence from the crime scene. Further, he said the burglar likely had knowledge of the business and where money was located.

“I would say that the people that came in knew exactly what they were doing,” Plavnick said. “I believe it is current- or ex-staff.”

Plavnick said the burglary was a gut-punch for the business. The company also travels with laser tag and other equipment to events and, this time of year, that side of the business is tapering off.

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